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Is Visa Developing A Commercial Blockchain Product?

Cryptology ePrint Archive has published a paper, entitled ‘LucidiTEE: Policy-compliant Fair Computing at Scale’, credited to a trio of staff members working...

Four More Founders Leave Facebook’s Libra

Following the recent departure of PayPal, four additional high-profile backers have publicly cut ties with Facebook-led Libra. With...

Ripple (XRP) News Roundup 4 September – 19 September 2019 |...

Welcome to the latest bi-weekly news roundup for the Ripple blockchain network and XRP cryptocurrency. 

Visa and Mastercard Invest In Crypto Unicorn ‘Plaid’

The partnership, according to Plaid, will see the three companies collaborating on products which “lie at the intersection of commerce and financial services” - however specifics of which have not yet been disclosed.