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Block.one’s EOS VC Invests In Biscuit, EOS Knights Developer

Gaming Dapps are an important component of the EOS blockchain ecosystem, with DappRadar listing 58 dapps on the EOS network within the ‘gaming’ category. This means that EOS blockchain network has the second largest selection of gaming dapps available in comparison to its peers, although it is still massively overshadowed by Ethereum (which has 431 games).

EOS VC is the venture capital arm of Block.one, operator of EOS, and appears to have noticed this recently. On November 27, 2019: the organisation announced, via a press release, that it had invested an undisclosed amount of venture capital into a South Korean developer of blockchain-based games called ‘Biscuit (aka Biscuitlabs Co. Ltd), the creator of EOS Knights.

“Block.one has closely supported us in the successful development and operation of EOS Knights from the very start…

This new investment from Block.one’s venture arm EOS VC confirms our strong continuing partnership and underscores our belief that gaming dApps like EOS Knights are catalysts for the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.”

Jay Lee (Biscuit, founder)

EOS Knights is a game which is built on the EOS network and playable on desktop web browsers, and mobile devices (iOS and Android systems), and the team claims it is one of the “first-generation” of blockchain games. According to Biscuit, “The team is focusing on overcoming the UX challenges of blockchain to create innovative games and applications”.

DappRadar estimates that the EOS Knights user count is just 675 per week, however it also recorded 411 users in a single day – 24 hours after the news had broken. Overall, EOS Knights is the second most popular game out of the 58 available on the network.

Despite this, EOS Knights still trails massively behind no.1 title ‘EOS Dynasty’, a game with approximately 1,200 daily users, and is actually the most popular dapp on the EOS blockchain overall.

“Our direct investment in Biscuit extends our strategic focus of working with some of the smartest minds in the gaming blockchain sector…

Biscuit has taken the powerful qualities of blockchain’s smart contract and combined it with the traditional Role Playing Game elements to produce one of the best-loved gaming apps on the market.”

Mike Alexander (EOS VC, CEO)

In the official press release, EOS VC claims that the game has benefitted from aspects of the EOSIO platform (the development infrastructure of EOS) and EOS blockchain. This includes “fast response speed, high number of transactions per second, and robust smart contract development”.

This statement contradicts sentiments held more recently within the EOS development community, which currently sees the network as ‘overloaded’, with publications such as The Cryptonomist referring to statistical evidence of exceptionally high CPU usage which owes largely to the effects of a single organisation / project called EIDOS.