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Block.one (EOS) News Roundup 6 – 27 July 2019 | Job Vacancies, TechGirls

Block.one has quietly listed a massive 69 new job vacancies which it is seeking to fill on its official website: covering its three office locations specified as Blacksburg, VA; Hong Kong; and one simply referred to as “Northern Virginia” – suggesting potentially more remote working roles.

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Welcome to the latest bi-weekly news roundup for Block.one blockchain network and EOS cryptocurrency. 

July 23rd

Block.one Quietly Lists 69 New Job Vacancies, With a Total Combined Value of Approximately $5.5million (per year)

A few issues back (7 – 21 June, 2019), that we reported on how Block.one had spent $30 million to obtain the Voice.com domain name for its forthcoming social media platform. We also talked about how this brought the total recorded expenditure of the company on reinvestment to at least half a billion dollars.

Based on average salary data gathered from Glassdoor, we have estimated the total value of these new job openings at Block.one to be approximately $5,455,962 per year. The division which has received the greatest funding for talent acquisition is Software Development ($2,438,615 total salary per year, estimated).

These jobs span all levels of staff: from non-managerial – through to middle-management, senior positions, and even upper-management roles; Head of Communications & Head of Product Marketing at Block.one .

It is not just a short-term hiring drive either. In addition to the management roles (which include job recruitment duties), Block.one is specifically hiring two ‘Talent Acquisition Specialists’ to fulfill medium and long-term growth requirements.

Out of the 69 advertised job vacancies, three directly reference the forthcoming Voice platform, Block.one’s latest project – whilst a great deal more include references to ‘social media’ knowledge among their job requirements.

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July 9th

Block.one conducts first in a series of online seminars / ‘webinars’

On July 10th, 2019 at 7:00am HKT, Block.one streamed the first in what it has announced to be a series of free, online ‘webinar’ sessions. The two-hour video seminar is entitled ‘Introduction to EOSIO Blockchain Development by Block.one’.

Looking at the plan, the contents are fairly rudimentary and includes introductory materials that are aimed at developers who may be starting their first project on EOSIO – or their first blockchain project. It even starts out with basic explanations such as “what is a blockchain?’.

A discussion about the EOSIO platform itself comprises the main body of the presentation, laying out the building blocks of information required for creating simple programmes and smart contracts.

EOS webinar series is a program of free, live online events that are hosted by Block.one and produced by the company’s Developer Relations team. This team is also responsible for fielding questions from the community during the streamed events.

The series was first announced on the 8th July, 2019, and was devised with the intention of providing an opportunity for new and experienced developers to grow and hone their talents – as well as for dispensing a steady stream of updates regarding the EOSIO platform.

As with the first, all future streams are set to be recorded and viewable for free after the event on the Block.one website.

EOS Webinars are among expanding array of options for learning about blockchain technology, available to members of the community. Other notable examples come from third parties which seek to provide education about particular tokens or coins, such as exchange schemes Coinbase Earn and Binance Academy.

July 25th

Block.one Champions TechGirls In Blockchain, Despite Having All-Male Executive Board

On July 26th, 2019 Block.one hosted six participants of TechGirls at its Blacksburg office, which is an initiative that’s part of the U.S Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. TechGirls has been training and mentoring teenage girls towards accessing STEM career paths since 2012..

The company provided a range of seminars and activities to the attendees on the day, with the premise of delivering an introductory “crash-course” on blockchain. It included sessions on:

  • “Differences required” for mobile application development on iOS and Android platforms.
  • “Attention to detail required” for apps, delivered by seasoned UX designers.
  • “Seminars to deepen their understanding of the IT industry”

There were also keynote sessions, as follows:

  • ‘An Exploration of Cybersecurity’ – Eddie Schwartz (Chief Information Security Officer, Block.one)
  • A Discussion from Tara Tritt (Web Developer, Block.one)

According to the announcement: the Block.one seeks to provide more programmes that encourage young women to study towards STEM subjects, believing that there is 

“An important role to be played by companies and industry leaders in STEM, to provide practical knowledge on how to develop a career in science, technology or mathematics.”

Whilst this event is nothing but a positive thing, it is difficult not to sense hypocrisy in the claims made by the company and members of its team.

This is because there are no female senior or executive management staff at the company, making this event appear closer to hollow virtue-signalling rather than being inspired by genuine ethics.


Tara Tritt (web developer at Block.one)

“Encouraging young girls to explore STEM careers is not about convincing them that we need more women in these respective fields but rather, that they’re just as capable as the young men entering the workforce…

“Programs like TechGirls illustrates to these women that we believe in their abilities and encourage them to cultivate the skill sets necessary to excel in STEM careers.”

James Mendes (Block.one Chief People Officer)

“Growing the pipeline of future female STEM talent is critical.”

“Initiatives like TechGirls encourage young women to pursue careers in science and technology, while showcasing the endless possibilities within the industry. I’m excited that Block.one will be hosting some of this year’s attendees at our Blacksburg office while providing them a glimpse into all of the wonderful things our talented engineers, designers, and executives get to do on a daily basis.”

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