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Block.one (EOS) News Roundup 28 July – 16 August 2019 | EOSIO SDK, Alpha’a

There has been notable progress in new developer tools and evidence of ongoing activity regarding new partnerships, in particular with Alpha’a Inc.

In the lead-up to the much anticipated launch of new product: social media platform ‘Voice’, Block.one has been remarkably quiet regarding public facing news or announcements. 

Top News

Welcome to the latest bi-weekly news roundup for Block.one blockchain network and EOS cryptocurrency. 

August 13th

‘Android Keystore Plugin’ for the EOSIO SDK (for Java) Released: Offers New Developer Tools For Crypto Security

EOSIO Labs has launched the alpha release for the ‘Android Keystore Signature Provider’ plugin for the EOSIO Java SDK, with a similar iOS version of which having released earlier in the year.

The primary purpose of the plugin is to help satisfy security requirements and address concerns regarding the storage, retrieval and safeguarding of private keys on Android devices. This is achieved by enabling developers to integrate “hardware-backed” keystore into mobile applications built for Android operating systems.

On the occasion of a hardware option being unavailable for keystore, EOSIO states that the alternative will be for the keys to “default down” to a secure software container environment.

What makes this plugin special, is that is gives developers the opportunity to store cryptographic keys on the device within a secure container. As such, private keys are more difficult to extract and transactions can be signed without unnecessary exposition to external applications or third parties. Nobody can see the key but the secured hardware once stored, not even the user.

This gives EOSIO developers the opportunity to create solutions that could challenge the existing market for dedicated hardware wallets (such as Ledger, which added support for a huge swathe of ethereum ERC20 tokens to its Live service recently).

Meanwhile on the EOSIO SDK: the development team released an alpha version of its ‘History Tools’ app in mid-July 2019, which was created to help solve the “challenge” of querying and reading history and state data – is in light of constantly growing blockchains.

Earlier in the same month, the team launched the ‘EOSIO Specification Repository’: which acts as a resource for technical design details pertaining to details discussed within the ‘EOSIO Strategic Vision’. Specifically, it features information on the  “technical design choices” and “high level approaches” set-out in this vision.

August 16th

Alpha’a Inc. Gains Funding From Galaxy EOS VC Fund

Alpha’a Inc. provides authenticity verification and certification for the visual arts using blockchain, and has officially joined the EOSVC ecosystem as of August 2019. The news was first broken by Alpha’a, before it was corroborated via Twitter by Block One.

This news was punctuated by the launch of Alphaa.io, which touts itself as a “simple blockchain solutions” which serves the purpose of guaranteeing “edition” ownership, with full transactional history stored immutably on the EOS blockchain. The reason cited for this: is to add a previously unforeseen level of transparency to the art trading market through use of blockchain technology.

The project was selected by the EOS VC business unit, to receive funds to be directed toward the expansion and development of the EOSIO ecosystem.

Alpha’a is an online and community-oriented platform which offers and supplies “tailor-made” art collections to businesses across multiple industries. The project was founded by two Brazilian born, New York based entrepreneurs named Manuele Seve and Renata Thomé.

Specifically,  the team behind Alpha’a describes its mission as being to  “merge the technology and art worlds to make art more accessible for everyone.”.

Outside of Alpha’a: a reported $1.5 million in funding was granted from a combination of Wells Fargo and Galaxy EOS VC Fund was pledged to Matcherino, an esports startup.


Manuela Seve, Founder of Alpha.io

“This is a fraud-proof solution to transfer ownership of a piece of art,”

“Today, Millennials and Gen Zs are skeptical about the lack of information and pricing transparency of visual art, and our platform is working to correct that lack of confidence.”

Alpha’a Press Release

“Alpha’a has spearheaded initiatives with notable names in contemporary art such as Ernesto Neto, Jarbas Lopes, Alexandre Arrechea and Nelson Leirner and boasts a network of more than 7,000 artists. Working as an advisor to the Alpha’a team, Fritz Dietl, founder of Dietl International, will liaise between the Alphaa.io platform and top-tier galleries around the world, helping the galleries take advantage of this new technology.”

August 15th

EOS-Based Freelancing Platform Moonlighting Joins Forces With International Recruiter, Kelly Services

In a new strategic partnership, on-demand hiring platform Moonlighting has joined forces with Kelly Services – with the latter taking advantage of the former’s ‘Blockchain Profile Management System’ (which launched the same month as the announcement) to enhance its international recruitment services.

Moonlighting is built on the EOS system, and has an app that can be downloaded on Apple iOS and Android that serves as a virtual marketplace in which freelancers and small businesses can directly communicate and initiate contracts with teach other. The service has previously received funding from the likes of FinLab EOS VC Fund; and other partnerships include Headway Workforce Solutions, ReciproCare, Joveo, and RTI International.

Kelly Services has been in operation since 1946, and describes itself as a “workforce solutions provider” – essentially being a recruitment agency, which began its existence as a temporary staffing provider and has developed into an international entity.


John Healy, Vice President and Managing Director of Kelly’s Office of the Future of Work

“This strategic partnership, initiated through the Kelly Innovation Fund, supports the application of blockchain in human capital environments. Mobile technology, self-service, and the platform economy are all priorities for the modern workforce, and with data privacy emerging with an ever-increasing focus, we expect blockchain technology to offer even greater opportunities for a more efficient and secure process in the upcoming years.”

“Kelly’s innovation fund and our Office of the Future of Work, together, are coming together with Jeff [Tennery] and Moonlighting to form this… A big part of it is the aspect that Moonlighting has made a commitment to using blockchain as a foundation for what they’re doing with their platform as they move forward… We think that [there are] some pretty significant market opportunities that are going to come as a result of that.”

Paul Grotowski, COO of EOS VC (venture capital)

“We’re excited to see the EOSIO protocol at work and in action for something meaningful like helping people find work.”


“Moonlighting’s Blockchain Profile Management Solution will run on the EOSIO protocol and allow job seekers to create trusted work profiles and transport them to other freelance and gig marketplaces”

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