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Block.one (EOS) News Roundup 17 August – 6 September 2019 | BitGo, REMME

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Welcome to the latest bi-weekly news roundup for Block.one blockchain network and EOS cryptocurrency.

August 25th

Crypto Custodian BitGo Announces EOS Support

BitGo has released an announcement stating that it has added support for EOS, after having dropped the token in May last year citing concerns such as its transition to the Ethereum mainnet and the fact that EOS is comprised of multiple chains.

This month, the time has come for its re-introduction: with BitGo adding Multi-signature wallet and custody services for EOS to its portfolio. It states that this brings the total number of coins and tokens it supports to “over 200”.

EOS custody will be made available through BitGo, Inc. + BitGo Trust Company (the latter of which being (“the first qualified custodian purpose-built for digital assets”). BitGo Trust Company is backed by Craft Ventures, Digital Currency Group, DRW, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Redpoint Ventures, and Valor Equity Partners.

BitGo is a digital assets security and custody service provider which offers benefits to clients such as cold-storage technology, third party auditing, and more. The company was in the headlines recently for less positive reasons however, having been sued by rival Kingdom Trust for allegedly using trade secrets to increase its portfolio of clients.


Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one

“We are pleased to see continued institutional acceptance of digital assets… Having trusted and transparent solutions will promote greater participation by businesses and their customers.”

Ben Chan, Chief Technology Officer, BitGo

“At BitGo we are dedicated to providing support over the wide array of digital assets our clients demand… The EOSIO software has some innovative differentiators like its high transaction capacity and fee model that required our engineering team to scale our platform. We were able to successfully create an experience for EOS users that is seamless and consistent with how we support other coins and tokens.”

August 16th

“REMME Releases a Distributed Public Key Infrastructure”

REMME, a security-oriented software development company founded in 2015, has released its anticipated “next-gen Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) on the EOS network after having migrated to EOSIO code-base mid-development of its own ‘REMChain’.

REMChain testnet launched on August 12th, 2019 and is the first version to be released, with a “couple” further updates planned for future roll-out. It utilises the REM token.

The chain is intended to facilitate an eponymous ecosystem which is built upon the distributed and open-source ‘PKI (d) Protocol’, which the team hopes will replace current “public key infrastructure” with a blockchain based ‘network of trust’. 

One of the products within this ecosystem is called ‘KeyHub’, an all-in-one platform for the management of enterprise TLS / SSL certificates “on autopilot” – with ideal purposes stated to include:

“the tracking of certificate expiration dates, potential vulnerabilities and policy violations.”

REMME and its core functions can be discussed in terms of its two proprietary foundational elements. Being its ‘Core’ (“The atomic essence of the Protocol. Software which provides the core blockchain-level features of Remme such as keys storing, revocation, rewards, etc.”) and its ‘Chain’ (“A distributed network of masternodes with installed and running REMCore software providing redundant storage for the public keys with no single point of failure.”).

More recently, REMME has officially partnered with PKI Solutions to help expand its enterprise security reach. PKI Solutions is a software consultation, training and implementation services provider which specialises in Microsoft PKI “and related technologies” targeting enterprise clientele.

August 27th

WordProof Officially Endorsed by EOS -> “WordProof Puts Content Trusted Timestamping on EOSIO Blockchains”

EOS / Block.one backed WordProof has been brought to the fore recently on EOS.io, among a string of announcements pertaining to its partnerships and developer-facing news. Presumably filling a gap between now and the much anticipated launch of its Voice social media network.

WordProof is a project developed by Sebastiaan van der Lans, and offers a “Powerful toolkit” which promises to  “answer age-old industry problems” – by combining open source content management software WordPress, with EOSIO blockchain technology.

Timestamp’ is the main product and solution which WordProof offers at present. It’s a plugin for WordPress called Timestamp allows users to “time-stamp” their content onto the EOS blockchain, helping to prove the authenticity and integrity of their content, while also building trust with the community.

The company also advertises a forthcoming decentralized “secure” hosting service for WordPress sites, however it is only listed as “coming soon”. Its partners include Slant.li, the creator and developer of PrivEOS, with the cited reason of “help[ing] to bring decentralized privacy to a mass audience”.

September 4th

“EOSIO™ History Tools: Scaling Access to Blockchain History Data”

After an Alpha release back in July 2019, the full stable release of EOSIO History Tools has now been released. The tool has been created as a means of solving the growing “challenge” of querying and reading history and state data – in light of growing blockchains” – and designed to make data more accessible for EOSIO based blockchains.

The announcement advertises “flexible and scalable access to blockchain data” and the software acts as something of a follow up or successor to the  ‘State History’ plugin – which was released as part of EOSIO Version 1.8 – back in June 2019.



“Additionally, today we are introducing alpha support for a new and more robust blockchain history tool based on RocksDB that will replace the alpha release supporting LMDB that was initially included in History Tools. Support for PostgreSQL within History Tools will continue.”

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